From the Board

What a success this past year has been for MDHA! I am still so honored to be a part of this wonderful association. It was so nice to see all of the support from our state hygienists at Annual Session in Gulfport, Mississippi this year! The two day event couldn’t have gone better! Seeing how far we have come as a profession and as individuals has been very inspiring for me. As President of the association I can’t wait to see what this next year holds for Dental Hygiene in the state of Mississippi. 

Kristen Parker, RDH

MDHA Past-President

As I begin serving as the MDHA President I can’t help but to be excited about the direction MDHA is headed.  I look forward to working with our wonderful board to help move Mississippi forward.  I thoroughly enjoy being part of such a passionate group of Mississippi hygienists.  With the passion and power that the hygienists of Mississippi possess, we will be able to achieve anything we put our minds to.   Here’s to another year of success! 

Cynthia Senior, M.Ed., RDH

MDHA President

The 87th Annual MDHA session was a huge success!  I am encouraged by the number of attendees we had this year.  Mississippi hygienist are on the Move.  We all left energized to be a part in helping to transform our dental hygiene profession.  !  At annual session, Theresa Brandon left us with the inspiring words and thoughts of rooting on Mississippi Next.  The more we stick together, the better we can be and become!  Thank you for electing me as your MDHA secretary for the next 2 year.  I ensure you all I will do all I can to help in the promotion and continual growth of our profession plans and goals.  Please contact me if I can do anything for you or answer any questions about the MDHA.


Carrie Fowler, BS., RDH

MDHA Vice-President

As I continue my journey with the MDHA I am excited to serve on the board as the Vice -President.  The ADHA and MDHA is continuing to move in a fast forward motion.  My vision for our organization is to continue to educate RDH’s in our state on the opportunities our profession has to offer for professional development.  As a dental hygiene instructor I feel my experience of lifelong learning will help open the eyes of all RDH’s in the state of MISSISSIPPI.  Let’s get busy!!!

Catherine Dunn, BA, MDH, RDH

MDHA President-Elect

I have had the esteem privilege of being a member of MDHA since 2001.  I’m honored to witness the progression of this great association. It has been a pleasure overseeing the Continuing Education that is provided through MDHA, such as updates on periodontal treatment, management of systemic conditions, and innovative technology.  Our desires to continue to grow and learn will keep Dental Hygienists at the forefront of dental care.

Angie Garner, PhD, RDH

MDHA Continuing Education Chair

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Mississippi Dental Hygienists' Association is led by a group of dental hygienists working collaboratively and on a volunteer basis. The leadership team for 2018-2019 includes:

Cynthia Senior, M.Ed, RDH

Catherine Dunn, MDH, RDH

Carrie Fowler, RDH, BS

Brittany Moses, RDH

Delegates to American Dental Hygienists' Association House of Delegates:
Sandra Horne, DHA, RDH

Carrie Fowler, RDH, BS

Catherine Dunn, MDH, RDH


Continuing Education Chair:
Angie Garner, PhD, RDH

Immediate Past-President: Kristen Parker, RDH

Mississippi Dental Hygienists' Association
Founded 1928

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